All the fruit used in the Smythe Road Pure Barossa Shiraz is estate grown.  The are trellised on a single wire with foliage wires to maximise fruit exposure and flavour enhancement.  The fruit is picked with crop levels of 2.5tonnes per acre achieving approximate Baume of 14.5 in the field.

After the crush, it is transferred to single batch open fermentation where is remains on skins for 7 days to allow for maximum extraction of fruit flavour.  It is then pressed to tank where it is allowed to undergo malolatic fermentation prior to going to barrel for 18 months.  The oak is approx. 30% new wood; predominately french oak with several Mendicino American oak barrels and a touch of Russian for structure.

The wine is racked out of barrels 3 times and this allows for minimum filtration into bottle. The wine is bottle aged for an additional 6-9months prior to release.

For our super-premium Creedence Shiraz , the wine is fine-tuned  and aged in oak for a further 12 months to allow development and softening of tannins, whilst maintaining the fruit.



Below are Tasting Notes compiled by our winemakers relating to our currently available vintages of Smythe Road wines.

SR Pure Barossa Shiraz 2010

WINEMAKER: Joanne Irvine
 100% Shiraz
Barossa Valley – Stonewell
Deep earthy red
 Typically spicy fruit aroma, with soft vanilla tones coming from the hand selected oak barrels.
The winemaking focussed on maximum retention of flavour and individual vineyard character. The palate is rich with fruit and spice characteristics giving great length of flavour, balanced with elegant tannins that provide structure that provide structure and style to this vintage.

Uncompromising shiraz that can be savoured now or cellared to age with integrity and much reward.

At room temperature with your favourite full flavoured meat, cheese or pasta.

ALC: 14.5%, pH:3.42, TA: 6.5

2009 Shiraz

SR Creedence

WINEMAKER: Joanne Irvine
REGION: Barossa Valley – Stonewell
COLOUR: Intense Ruby
BOUQUET: Rich fruit balanced with vanilla and spice
PALATE:  Goes the distance with rich fruit and oak flavours and elegant tannin finish. Minimal filtration has further enhanced the unique characters of this premium Barossa Shiraz.

Extended winter rain and increased temperatures during the ripening period allowed this Barossa Shiraz to perform brilliantly under stress and endure a difficult vintage. We set aside a quantity of the wine produced; hand selected the pick of our French and fine grain American oak barrels and allowed the wine to mature for an additional year. The result is a wine that rewards the care and patience invested.

Room temperature.

ALC: 14.5%, pH: 3.42 , TA: 6.5


SR Eden Valley Pinot Gris  2010

WINEMAKER: Joanne Irvine
 100% Pinot Gris
Eden Valley, South Australia
Light Golden
 Ripe pear and spice
Long fruit flavours and crisp dry finish

From grapes grown in the premium cool climate Eden Valley region of South Australia adjacent to the Barossa Valley, this is a wine of considerable presence.

A bouquet of ripe pear and spice, which carries through to a palate of long fruit flavours and a crisp dry finish.

The wine produced by internationally acclaimed winemaker and 2009 Australian Winemaker of the Year Joanne Irvine, has been aged for 3 months on lees for added complexity to produce a classic Pinot Gris style.

This is a wine of finesse, which will compliment a range of international dishes. It has the potential to age beautifully and continue to deepen in colour, while remaining fresh due to the excellent screw cap seal.

Chilled. This is a wine of finesse which will compliment a range f international dishes.

ALC: 14.2%, pH: 3.38, TA: 4.99, VA: 0.23, RS: 4.7



Our Smythe Road, stonewell vineyard is ideally placed in the geographical centre of the designated Barossa wine region.

This has enabled a high level of consistency in our vintage performance. So past vintages share the same profile except that they continue to mature and improve the characteristics of individual years.